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haeryeong asked:
"are u alive"

we are, buddy. there aren’t any updates on d-unit these days (especially ujin), hence the inactivity of this blog…

makilovespie asked:
"Hi. I can see that you're a huge fan of Ujin. I just wanted to ask, if Ujin really does leave D-Unit, will you stop listening to them? Because I've seen a lot of fans just give up on D-Unit when they heard Ujin was gone. BTW, if you do, I won't judge you. You're entitled to your own opinion and taste of music."


I won’t, of course. I’m not only a fan of Ujin, but the whole of D-Unit. This blog may only be dedicated to her because she’s my bias, but that’s not going to change any of my support to the group. I wouldn’t have loved Ujin this much if I didn’t like the group’s music.

But inevitably, there will be depressing changes in their future albums if Ujin’s really gone. It won’t be the same old D-Unit but hey, that doesn’t mean the fans of Ujin need to stop loving the group. They should realize that Ujin would like them to support the girls even though she’s not there.

I really do hope, though, that she’s not leaving the group for good. Debuting as a solo artist would be just as bad in my opinion, since there would be comparisons of both sides’ success every now and then.

So yeah, that’s it. It’s just sad to hear that some fans are already giving up on the other girls. Why leave when it’s the perfect time to show utmost support to the three of them, right?

noircloudpathway asked:
"keep me update about her ! she was my fav in d unit !"

Sure thing. The blog’s kind of dead right now, though, since Ujin’s not joining the girls’ activities…

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52/? random edits of D-Unit | Ujin’s Eyes

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2/50 fancams of d-unit
♫ ujin: luv me

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